Our investment approach in the times of high global volatility

November 2022

Insights to our investment thesis for ManageArtworks 'A comprehensive Platform for Brand Asset management'

June 2022

A quick peek into our investment thesis for backing Credilio

May 2022

#025 - And the emergence of resilient SaaS models

April 2022

A global MLOps platform for AI/ML developers

February 2022


January 2022

Making Content Shoppable

May 2021

Unveiling the Top 30 emerging Enterprise SaaS companies of the CGES Index

April 2021

Cornerstone Global Enterprise SaaS Index - India's first Enterprise SaaS Index is live now !

March 2021

Enterprise SaaS companies have returned over 300% to Investors in past 2 years !

February 2021

A Sales Intelligence platform for frontline workforce to improve sales efficiency